Career Possibilities in the Automotive Sector

For people who love cars and even those looking for a well paying lucrative career, the automotive industry is the ideal place to be in. This is one of the fastest growing sectors in the world with millions of job openings created every year. All that you have to do is complete a course or certificate from an accredited automobile school and you will be on your way to a bright career. In fact, you do not have to be technically qualified in this field; even otherwise, there is ample scope in the industry for good salespersons and digital marketing experts.

Here are some job openings that can be had in the automobile industry.

Car mechanic

A car mechanic has to carry out repairs and servicing that includes amongst others such major tasks like fixing suspension problems, replacing alternators and engines and taking care of electrical problems. Hence it is essential that you be thoroughly trained to handle these issues in different make and models of vehicles. This is regardless of whether you are a car mechanic in Sunshine West, Melbourne or in any other part of the world. The performance of a car rests largely on the expertise of a car mechanic and hence it is a well paying job.

Diesel mechanic

This is another technical field open to automobile professionals. A diesel mechanic is trained in the intricacies of diesel engines and is an expert in their repairs, service and maintenance. Even though petrol cars are more in number, heavy and commercial vehicles all have diesel engines. A trained mechanic should have a thorough knowledge of these engines.

Automotive technician

As an auto technician, you will be expected to perform a wide range of tasks on various models and makes of cars. This job is different from that of a car mechanic and is primarily focussed on maintenance factors instead of service and repairs. Jobs include balancing of wheels, tuning ups, changing brake pads and balancing of wheels. You will also be expected to undertake car air conditioning regas in Melbourne or wherever your service station is located.


If you have the ability to convince people through your power of speech, you can opt to be a salesperson in an auto dealership selling cars to prospective customers. Apart from fixed wages, there will be incentives for achieving sales targets. High achievers can quickly climb to management positions.

These then are some of the well paying job opportunities in the automotive sector with high growth possibilities.