Job opportunities in the automobile industry in Australia

If you are passionate about cars and anything that moves on wheels, you should be making a career out of it. This is especially true in Australia as there are a large number of job opportunities in the automotive industry in the country. The logical start would be to get a degree from an automotive school and be job ready in the sector. However, there is a great scope for others as well. Digital marketing experts can join as Internet marketers and those with a management degree can join in the finance and sales department of an auto company or dealership.

Here are some of the job opportunities in the automobile industry in Australia.

Auto technician and car mechanic

While an auto technician and a car mechanic are talked about in the same breath, there is a subtle difference between the two. A technician carries out a variety of tasks ranging from changing oils and brake pads to balancing of wheels and tune-ups. A car mechanic, in addition to these tasks also has to carry out other intricate work. These include among many others fixing suspension problems, rectifying electrical problems and replacing engines and their components.

A mechanic is also an expert in knowing how to fix a heat tape which dramatically cools intake pipes and increases induction performance due to cooler airflow. To be a good car mechanic it is necessary to be suitably trained and qualified in this field.

Automobile designer

The work of an automobile designer is to create new models from scratch or remodel an existing design so that it has a higher positive impact on customers. You need to be trained and highly qualified in this field as well as have a great creative bend of mind. Today, automobile designers work with a whole range of cutting edge technically advanced tools and most designs are done through CAD or Computer Aided Design techniques.

Car dealership

If you want to turn your love for cars into a multi faceted opportunity, joining a car dealership should be right up your lane. There are a lot of job opportunities and you can be at ease here. Job openings in one dealership alone comprise of experienced salespersons for the front office and mechanics for the workshop, staff to man computer networks and people to take care of digital marketing campaigns. If you have talent in one or more fields, your rise to the top will be absolutely meteoric.

Explore these options and be on your way to a lucrative career in the automobile industry in Australia.