What is Job Posting and its Many Aspects

Job seekers go for multiple options when they look for jobs either to start off on their careers or to switch existing jobs for better opportunities.  Referrals from family and friends, personally approaching companies they are interested in and browsing the “Vacancy” columns in newspapers are some of the alternatives. Many even keep their CVs with labour recruiting agencies who inform them when a matching vacancy arises in a company.

From the employer’s side, job posting is the process of creating an advertisement for a vacancy in the organisation that alerts either existing staff or members of the public. This advertisement is posted in the print media, company website, and bulletin board in the organisation. Now-a-days, job postings are also placed on social media platforms, specialised recruiting agencies websites as well as a on specialised phone or recruitment apps.

Job postings are done for a variety of reasons by an employer. The most common is filling a permanent vacancy in the company necessitated by retirement of existing employee/s or expansion in business. Temporary vacancies occur when short term needs have to be fulfilled. These include meeting business deadlines and substituting for permanent employees who have gone on vacation or medical leave. Some specific businesses like hotels and restaurants and retail shopping chains hire staff on a short term basis to meet festival and other seasonal rush.

The format of job posting depends on the medium chosen by the employer to do so as well as the cost involved. Postings on a career site or the company’s bulletin board that has space for full descriptions will be exhaustive in nature and include job title, duties and responsibilities, wages offered, experience and educational details and benefits provided. Postings on Twitter and certain social media sites will be limited by number of characters and hence the job posting will be short with only the bare essentials and requirements.

Many employers post for job vacancies both internally on bulletin boards and externally. After that they re-hire existing employee straightway. The reason for this is that it is an opportunity for the employer to assess the talent available externally both in terms of qualifications and experience and match it with that of the employee. Of course, given everything to be equal, the internal candidate is generally chosen since he/she is already acquainted with the ethos and culture of the organisation.