What you should know before starting on a career in Cosmetology

When you are fresh out of cosmetology school and have a licence to practice in hand, you will be naturally very excited and raring to go to make a career in your chosen field. But all this is easier said than done. You are out on your own and in the fiercely competitive beauty care industry if you do not move systematically and methodically, you will be left behind in the race to chalk out a lucrative career. There are certain traits and characteristics apart from the academic side that a new graduate has to pick up to be successful in a career in Cosmetology.

Work within your abilities

When starting out, do not be hesitant to ask seasoned cosmetologists who are your colleagues of any doubts that might cross your mind. As an entry level cosmetologist do not be afraid to tell a client that you are not confident about your abilities to meet a certain special request. It is much better than to try out things you are not sure of. If you make a mess of it, your career will be nipped in the bud for sure.

For instance, most top of the line beauty clinics and spas offer modern treatments on latest machines run on cutting edge technologies. If you do not know the functioning of the best professional microdermabrasion machine installed in the clinic admit so to your client requesting such a treatment. There will be plenty of time to learn about it later but do not do anything risky.

Make learning a continuous process

It is not that your learning has ended at school and now you are just implementing the theories in a real life setting. For you learning should be a continuous process. If you want to know more about certain specialised services, ask the experts in your salon whether you can watch them at work. Nobody will ever turn down your request.

Further grab opportunities whenever they rise. You should take your employer up on any free seminars or workshops taking place. Sometimes, if you salon has registered high sales on a particular product line, the company offers free training sessions to employees. Once you attend these seminars it is not only about learning but also about meeting a lot of people related to your industry.

Be professional

As a fresher, you can be sure that your co-workers will be constantly sizing you up. Hence wear appropriate clothes, have a neat and tidy hair style and carry yourself well. Apart from the clothes act professionally too! Even though your favourite tunes might be playing in the salon do not hum along when doing nails or make-up or hair of your clients. It speaks poorly of your good manners and judgement. Rising in the cosmetology field depends a lot on what clients perceive both of the quality of your work as well as of your bearing.

Market yourself

Most salons expect their beauticians and cosmetologists to do the marketing on their behalf and draw in clients. Hence, do not wait for a client to walk in and avail services to spread the word about your qualities and abilities. You should talk about it yourself and drop word about your profession everywhere even in routine everyday conversations. Since you will be responsible for building your own clientele, you can start off initially by offering new client discounts or special combo services.

These are some of the ways to gain a strong foothold in the cosmetologist field when you are starting off on your career.